ARE WE FREE living in these daysare we really freeblinded by conventionalismtrapped in a caste systemmy body and mind confiscatedseized by the powers of lawand authorityforfeited by the way of penaltybut somehow we survivewe have always been resilientwith the buoyancy to bend backand never breakpossessing the propensity to recoverfrom the ill-fated disposition ofbeing differentor in […]

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Change is never easy. Sometimes you have to let go of everything that’s comfortable, just to be who you are meant to be… Seek and find yourself. Listen to your SOUL…

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I’m yearning for your body, hot and burning,heart beating, hands reaching for your femininity and every part of your physicality. Both eyes closed as if in a dream.A non-entity, being my reality. Defining your sexuality in a mosh of uninhibited rhapsody. In all actuality there is nothing between us but space and opportunity.So let’s do […]

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