Your love is like an ocean swallowing me whole,pulling me into its depths,sinking into neverending darkness.Losing control of myself and all of my breath.Until my lungs are filled with all of you,and all I see is blue fading to black.With the weight of love on my back,I descend, falling into a liquid abyss.Closing my eyes […]

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Oblidated to your existence, your essence,all of you I’m tied to.Twisted, mentally uninhibited, merged, two of a kind, combined,speaking the same three words at the same time.I LOVE YOU…You say it with your eyes, I told you with my mind.Telepathy, psychologically intertwined,BOUND to me,body-to-body, heat and heartbeats.I know passion because I felt it,fire and desire, […]

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Why do you hate me?Is it because my skin is brown or black?Carrying the weight of 400 years of psychological trauma like scars on my back.Still trying to get over that.But you keep bringing me back!Why am I pleading for my life?I CAN’T BREATHE!!!PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP ME!!!Gasping for air, bleeding from my nose.Laying flat on […]

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