ARE WE FREE living in these daysare we really freeblinded by conventionalismtrapped in a caste systemmy body and mind confiscatedseized by the powers of lawand authorityforfeited by the way of penaltybut somehow we survivewe have always been resilientwith the buoyancy to bend backand never breakpossessing the propensity to recoverfrom the ill-fated disposition ofbeing differentor in […]


Change is never easy. Sometimes you have to let go of everything that’s comfortable, just to be who you are meant to be… Seek and find yourself. Listen to your SOUL…


I’m yearning for your body, hot and burning,heart beating, hands reaching for your femininity and every part of your physicality. Both eyes closed as if in a dream.A non-entity, being my reality. Defining your sexuality in a mosh of uninhibited rhapsody. In all actuality there is nothing between us but space and opportunity.So let’s do […]


Love is like the wind both powerful, and gentle.It is boundless.The sound of cool breezes rustling through the leaves of trees,blowing away all the hurt and pain.Invisible forces bending memoving my emotions.Love under my wings keep me soaring.Lift me high above all my worries. I feel you on my skin.Give me chills.Fill my sails.Carry me […]


Somewhere in the dark shining bright like a star in GOD’S black night.Chasing your soul through the universe,eager for a drop of you.Wanting to quench my thirst. I follow until you relinquish all that you are,and all that you know, an incarnation of love in thought, in word, in deed.Something divine wrapped in outer beauty.And […]


thinking about youmakes me thirsty my body craving hydration all i want is you the feel of your wetness on my skinnothing else even matters you are my waterthe only thing that will quench my thirst from your well I drink i need hydration cool wateryou soothe my soulyour love flows like fresh mountain streams […]


expose what lives beyond flesh bare your soul and all of your mind disrobe and just beshow me you with the lights on be naked when i get home Michael Lovett 2020 #michaellovettwrites#lovepoems#poetsofinstagram


Father, teacher of the wayEver since I was a boy listeningto the words you sayYou, follower of GOD,messager of HIS wordMade vows to HIMso that your twin could liveKerry, lover of Kathy my motherMade her your wifeBecame daddy, before you made a lifeStayed faithful to the both of usSacrifice and commitment He, who begat my […]


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