Father, teacher of the way
Ever since I was a boy listening
to the words you say
You, follower of GOD,
messager of HIS word
Made vows to HIM
so that your twin could live
Kerry, lover of Kathy my mother
Made her your wife
Became daddy, before you made a life
Stayed faithful to the both of us
Sacrifice and commitment
He, who begat my brother Steven
You never loved me different
Sole provider, never have I been hungry
Never have I been cold
I never saw you fold
Protector, lionhearted, outspoken, bold
Him, who showed me how to be black
in a hate filled world
Gave me books to defy the lies my teachers taught me
Showed me Alex Haley’s Roots
The history of who I was
First time I saw the truth
Father, why is your love unconditional
Is it because you know GOD
Is it because you respect my mother
Is it because a man is never supposed to
give up on his sons
You never quit on us
I never had to look for you
You never left
I love you because you never left
Daddy, always reliable, durable, steady,
constant, and stable
Standing like you’ve always stood,
arms stretches open before your table
I, the prodigal son has come home again There is no judgment only compassion
My memories speak to me
I still feel your love
I can still hear your lessons
King, black man, leader of men
Wise one, minister to the lost
Lover and husband of my mother
Father of her two son’s
Grandfather, poppa of Michael and Sadie
Giver, sole provider, protector of home,
and body
Prayer warrior interceding for my soul
I honor, love and respect you
My Father

©️Michael Lovett 2020



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