Mother’s Love

She was seventeen carrying me.
Giver of Love to a life unknown.
A young Queen with a gift from heaven.
Holding in her body a piece of the Creator.
God’s son …
I spent time thinking about the magnitudeof birth.
How a soul can take on flesh and be born on earth.
To be the vessel for something greater.
Weighing the heart of a mother.
How much pain they must bear,
the worry, the tears, the prayers.
No Love can compare.
Unconditional is the only way she Loves.
Undying, even after death it lives.
She dies so that you can live.
To personify who you are supposed to be.
Teaching with Love.
My mother, you were young.
It was just the two of us before I knew anything, or anyone.
You sacrificed your dreams so that my dreams were attainable.
You could see the light in my future even in my dark days.
So many times I fell and you picked me up along the way.
Thank you for never losing faith, and never giving up.
Even when I struggled in life, I strayed, I messed up.
You still remained the glue that held everything together.
The unbreakable bond between child and mother.
I Love you like, I love myself.
First born son, we grew together.
You Love me like you love no other, selfless.
Without you there would be no me.
You are my living history.
I am your Love Legacy.

Michael Lovett
May 10, 2020






This Place

What is this place we call home wrecked with calamity?
Humans laying waste to life and all naturalness.
Drilling for oil, incarcerating bodies,
cutting down trees and killing off man.
Death is nothing to stomach or fear now.
We experience pain and loss way too often.
What is life?
What is this place?
Cynical faces burdened and annoyed
by the lesser of the two …
one being the One Percent, and then You.
Enemies of your neighbor.
Depleting your future resources.
Our children’s minds are enslaved.
They never knew freedom.
We showed them images of wealth
with no clear directions.
Only Hoop Dreams, NFL Drafts, and The Voice.
America’s Got Talent, but we don’t have vision,
and we don’t have a voice.
Left with very little choices.
So they will keep building prisons
for the sons and daughters that make the wrong choices.
Cages for you deplorables to serve your
unforgivable sentences.
Debts imposed by Draconian Laws,
Oppressors, loosen your death hold.
Take your dirty boot off of freedom’s neck.
We come to repair what you have broken.
Enfranchise the people.
Make this place … a home.

Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Deceived by a failing Government,

waving red and blue flags like street gangs do,

We The People do not trust you.

You love your power and money more than you love your Country.

I despise you like you despise the truth.

Hiding behind lies and natural disasters,

pretending to have all the answers.

Overwhelmed with global health hazards.

We can’t breathe with so much evil in the air,

civilians being murdered by biological warfare.

No solutions, who is the blame?

We see your ugly faces, we know you by name.

Wizards and witches, wicked rulers of the land,

billionaires with the power to exercise change,

turning blind eyes to the mayhem …

rolling on the big wheels of capitalism.

Standing on the shoulders of the little people,

while living like greedy kings and czars.

Tell me how are we all created equal?

Make me believe in “One Nation Under God”,

“Justice and Liberty for All”.

Please make America great one day,

because I can’t remember when it ever was.

Please drain the swamp and expose these

self-preserving reptiles for the cold blooded

snakes they are.

Before we die for no reason …

unless we stand for a reason …




living in these days
are we really free
blinded by conventionalism
trapped in a caste system
my body and mind confiscated
seized by the powers of law
and authority
forfeited by the way of penalty
but somehow we survive
we have always been resilient
with the buoyancy to bend back
and never break
possessing the propensity to recover
from the ill-fated disposition of
being different
or in their eyes inferior
a man of color
skin the shade of sand, wood, and brass
dark purple, and blue black
opaque like the hues of night
every tone but white
navigating through life
almost jungle like
doing everything in my power
just to keep from going under
these days and times
void of love and trust
my ears hear false truths
and my eyes see illusions of
what i have been taught
the fabricated history of freedom,
inclusion, integration,
opportunity for prosperity,
the right to democracy,
and the promulgation that all men
are created equal
i find these lies to be self evident
now i have become ebullient and awakened
by the mind state in which we coexist
fed up and enraged by belligerent ignorance
still i pray for peace and understanding
with both fist clenched
ready for whatever
armed with the power of my ancestors
like those before me
freedom fighters, interceders
wanting to believe in america
wanting to be loved and respected
wanting to be free

Michael Lovett 2020


Change is never easy. Sometimes you have to let go of everything that’s comfortable, just to be who you are meant to be…

Seek and find yourself.

Listen to your SOUL…


I’m yearning for your body, hot and burning,
heart beating, hands reaching for your femininity and every part of your physicality.
Both eyes closed as if in a dream.
A non-entity, being my reality.
Defining your sexuality in a mosh of uninhibited rhapsody.
In all actuality there is nothing between us but space and opportunity.
So let’s do it blind folded by the dark,
void of light.
Your body is a book written in braille,
my hands are my sight.
Flipping through your pages and you look amazing tonight.
All I see is you engulfed in love,
covered in kisses, drowning in lust.
Me in the middle with every single thrust.
You lay wet beneath me with each drop of sweat.
While I push and they drip, then splash on your breast.
While I’ve become aroused to the sound of sex.
Like the smack of our skin when our bodies crash and wreck.
And the moan you make when my lips touch your neck.
Then I push and retract.
You pull me in as you arch your back.
Your eyes roll back while you claw my back.
I turn you over and thrust from the back.
You look back at me and throw it back,
and back, and back, and back!
Until we reach the climax.
Until we change the climate.
When we are both relaxed, and we’re both smiling.
Then we drift away and fade to black, black, black.
But before we are gone too far we reach for more, more, more.
Chasing passion into infinity and beyond.
Feeding fuel to the fire, and light to the sun.
My trigger finger itches and you are my gun.
I scratch, I pull, and bullets do fly,
caressing my body, impact the bullseye.
Leaving me yearning for your body,
hot and burning, pain freaking, heart beating,
hands reaching for your femininity,
and every part of your physicality.

Michael Lovett

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Love is like the wind
both powerful, and gentle.
It is boundless.
The sound of cool breezes rustling
through the leaves of trees,
blowing away all the hurt and pain.
Invisible forces bending me
moving my emotions.
Love under my wings
keep me soaring.
Lift me high above all my worries.
I feel you on my skin.
Give me chills.
Fill my sails.
Carry me over troubled waters.
Dry my salty tears.
Bring me peace.
Inhaling the air around me.
Love like the wind I breathe.
Waiting to exhale.
Closing my eyes making wishes,
drifting, floating, weightless.
Blowing me away.

©️Michael Lovett 2020

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Somewhere in the dark shining bright
like a star in GOD’S black night.
Chasing your soul through the universe,
eager for a drop of you.
Wanting to quench my thirst.
I follow until you relinquish all that you are,
and all that you know, an incarnation of love
in thought, in word, in deed.
Something divine wrapped in outer beauty.
And you are mine, preordained by a higher being.
My soulmate, my energy, the air I breathe,
the truth in me, my love, my everything.
Below and above, my past and my future.
I loved you even before I ever knew you.
Even more now my feelings are incessant.
Every part of me lives for you,
down to the smallest molecule.
Beyond what eyes can see.
You will find traces of my love in my DNA.
You will find love in my blood.
Here and now I adore you,
standing in abeyance as the world moves around me in a transonic blur.
Experiencing the physics of love,
and all that you are.
Surreal and dynamic.
An ineffable expression of the tongue.
I speak with my mind telling you about love,
a love that transcends time.
I laugh, and sometimes I cry,
releasing emotional joy that flows from my soul.
Behold all of me I do give,
with each heartbeat and every tear.
Loving you supernaturally without a trace of fear.
As we are now, and beyond the dirt,
here after flesh, and all that hurts.
You and I, here and there.
All of the space between Heaven and Earth.
Sharing the truth of love,
and the Oneness of Us…

©️Michael Lovett 2020

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thinking about you
makes me thirsty
my body craving hydration
all i want is you
the feel of your wetness
on my skin
nothing else even matters
you are my water
the only thing that will quench
my thirst
from your well I drink
i need hydration
cool water
you soothe my soul
your love flows like fresh
mountain streams
come wash over me
love like waterfalls
rushing upon me
love like waves crashing
the beach
then kissing the sand
love like rain
each drop watering the earth
love like full cups overflowing
my water, my love
wet my tongue, comfort me
bath me, calm me
like rain fall from the sky
drip on me, salaciously
give me hydration.

©️Michael Lovett 2020



A collection of poetry that reflects images of my mind, heart, soul, and experiences…


expose what lives
beyond flesh
bare your soul
and all of your mind
disrobe and just be
show me you
with the lights on
be naked
when i get home

Michael Lovett 2020



Father, teacher of the way
Ever since I was a boy listening
to the words you say
You, follower of GOD,
messager of HIS word
Made vows to HIM
so that your twin could live
Kerry, lover of Kathy my mother
Made her your wife
Became daddy, before you made a life
Stayed faithful to the both of us
Sacrifice and commitment
He, who begat my brother Steven
You never loved me different
Sole provider, never have I been hungry
Never have I been cold
I never saw you fold
Protector, lionhearted, outspoken, bold
Him, who showed me how to be black
in a hate filled world
Gave me books to defy the lies my teachers taught me
Showed me Alex Haley’s Roots
The history of who I was
First time I saw the truth
Father, why is your love unconditional
Is it because you know GOD
Is it because you respect my mother
Is it because a man is never supposed to
give up on his sons
You never quit on us
I never had to look for you
You never left
I love you because you never left
Daddy, always reliable, durable, steady,
constant, and stable
Standing like you’ve always stood,
arms stretches open before your table
I, the prodigal son has come home again There is no judgment only compassion
My memories speak to me
I still feel your love
I can still hear your lessons
King, black man, leader of men
Wise one, minister to the lost
Lover and husband of my mother
Father of her two son’s
Grandfather, poppa of Michael and Sadie
Giver, sole provider, protector of home,
and body
Prayer warrior interceding for my soul
I honor, love and respect you
My Father

©️Michael Lovett 2020