Mother’s Love

She was seventeen carrying me.
Giver of Love to a life unknown.
A young Queen with a gift from heaven.
Holding in her body a piece of the Creator.
God’s son …
I spent time thinking about the magnitudeof birth.
How a soul can take on flesh and be born on earth.
To be the vessel for something greater.
Weighing the heart of a mother.
How much pain they must bear,
the worry, the tears, the prayers.
No Love can compare.
Unconditional is the only way she Loves.
Undying, even after death it lives.
She dies so that you can live.
To personify who you are supposed to be.
Teaching with Love.
My mother, you were young.
It was just the two of us before I knew anything, or anyone.
You sacrificed your dreams so that my dreams were attainable.
You could see the light in my future even in my dark days.
So many times I fell and you picked me up along the way.
Thank you for never losing faith, and never giving up.
Even when I struggled in life, I strayed, I messed up.
You still remained the glue that held everything together.
The unbreakable bond between child and mother.
I Love you like, I love myself.
First born son, we grew together.
You Love me like you love no other, selfless.
Without you there would be no me.
You are my living history.
I am your Love Legacy.

Michael Lovett
May 10, 2020






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