This Place

What is this place we call home wrecked with calamity?
Humans laying waste to life and all naturalness.
Drilling for oil, incarcerating bodies,
cutting down trees and killing off man.
Death is nothing to stomach or fear now.
We experience pain and loss way too often.
What is life?
What is this place?
Cynical faces burdened and annoyed
by the lesser of the two …
one being the One Percent, and then You.
Enemies of your neighbor.
Depleting your future resources.
Our children’s minds are enslaved.
They never knew freedom.
We showed them images of wealth
with no clear directions.
Only Hoop Dreams, NFL Drafts, and The Voice.
America’s Got Talent, but we don’t have vision,
and we don’t have a voice.
Left with very little choices.
So they will keep building prisons
for the sons and daughters that make the wrong choices.
Cages for you deplorables to serve your
unforgivable sentences.
Debts imposed by Draconian Laws,
Oppressors, loosen your death hold.
Take your dirty boot off of freedom’s neck.
We come to repair what you have broken.
Enfranchise the people.
Make this place … a home.

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