Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Deceived by a failing Government,

waving red and blue flags like street gangs do,

We The People do not trust you.

You love your power and money more than you love your Country.

I despise you like you despise the truth.

Hiding behind lies and natural disasters,

pretending to have all the answers.

Overwhelmed with global health hazards.

We can’t breathe with so much evil in the air,

civilians being murdered by biological warfare.

No solutions, who is the blame?

We see your ugly faces, we know you by name.

Wizards and witches, wicked rulers of the land,

billionaires with the power to exercise change,

turning blind eyes to the mayhem …

rolling on the big wheels of capitalism.

Standing on the shoulders of the little people,

while living like greedy kings and czars.

Tell me how are we all created equal?

Make me believe in “One Nation Under God”,

“Justice and Liberty for All”.

Please make America great one day,

because I can’t remember when it ever was.

Please drain the swamp and expose these

self-preserving reptiles for the cold blooded

snakes they are.

Before we die for no reason …

unless we stand for a reason …


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