Love is like the wind both powerful, and gentle.It is boundless.The sound of cool breezes rustling through the leaves of trees,blowing away all the hurt and pain.Invisible forces bending memoving my emotions.Love under my wings keep me soaring.Lift me high above all my worries. I feel you on my skin.Give me chills.Fill my sails.Carry me […]

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Somewhere in the dark shining bright like a star in GOD’S black night.Chasing your soul through the universe,eager for a drop of you.Wanting to quench my thirst. I follow until you relinquish all that you are,and all that you know, an incarnation of love in thought, in word, in deed.Something divine wrapped in outer beauty.And […]

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Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Deceived by a failing Government, waving red and blue flags like street gangs do, We The People do not trust you. You love your power and money more than you love your Country. I despise you like you despise the truth. Hiding behind lies and natural disasters, pretending to […]

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