Somewhere in the dark shining bright
like a star in GOD’S black night.
Chasing your soul through the universe,
eager for a drop of you.
Wanting to quench my thirst.
I follow until you relinquish all that you are,
and all that you know, an incarnation of love
in thought, in word, in deed.
Something divine wrapped in outer beauty.
And you are mine, preordained by a higher being.
My soulmate, my energy, the air I breathe,
the truth in me, my love, my everything.
Below and above, my past and my future.
I loved you even before I ever knew you.
Even more now my feelings are incessant.
Every part of me lives for you,
down to the smallest molecule.
Beyond what eyes can see.
You will find traces of my love in my DNA.
You will find love in my blood.
Here and now I adore you,
standing in abeyance as the world moves around me in a transonic blur.
Experiencing the physics of love,
and all that you are.
Surreal and dynamic.
An ineffable expression of the tongue.
I speak with my mind telling you about love,
a love that transcends time.
I laugh, and sometimes I cry,
releasing emotional joy that flows from my soul.
Behold all of me I do give,
with each heartbeat and every tear.
Loving you supernaturally without a trace of fear.
As we are now, and beyond the dirt,
here after flesh, and all that hurts.
You and I, here and there.
All of the space between Heaven and Earth.
Sharing the truth of love,
and the Oneness of Us…

©️Michael Lovett 2020

#ethereallove #lovepoems
#iletmypenspeak #poetssoul

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