living in these days
are we really free
blinded by conventionalism
trapped in a caste system
my body and mind confiscated
seized by the powers of law
and authority
forfeited by the way of penalty
but somehow we survive
we have always been resilient
with the buoyancy to bend back
and never break
possessing the propensity to recover
from the ill-fated disposition of
being different
or in their eyes inferior
a man of color
skin the shade of sand, wood, and brass
dark purple, and blue black
opaque like the hues of night
every tone but white
navigating through life
almost jungle like
doing everything in my power
just to keep from going under
these days and times
void of love and trust
my ears hear false truths
and my eyes see illusions of
what i have been taught
the fabricated history of freedom,
inclusion, integration,
opportunity for prosperity,
the right to democracy,
and the promulgation that all men
are created equal
i find these lies to be self evident
now i have become ebullient and awakened
by the mind state in which we coexist
fed up and enraged by belligerent ignorance
still i pray for peace and understanding
with both fist clenched
ready for whatever
armed with the power of my ancestors
like those before me
freedom fighters, interceders
wanting to believe in america
wanting to be loved and respected
wanting to be free

Michael Lovett 2020

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