Oblidated to your existence, your essence,
all of you I’m tied to.
Twisted, mentally uninhibited, merged, two of a kind, combined,
speaking the same three words at the same time.
You say it with your eyes, I told you with my mind.
Telepathy, psychologically intertwined,
BOUND to me,
body-to-body, heat and heartbeats.
I know passion because I felt it,
fire and desire, synched together slowly melting.
Love dripping, fingernails digging in flesh, hands gripping and slipping from the sweat.
Prisoners of each other, shackles on our wrist,
locked down…
And I know you from another place, kindred spirits, soulmates.
Like I remember your face,
beautiful angel from somewhere faraway.
Like I can’t forget your face.
Love from another Life and Time.
Got me feeling like I’m way to high, out of my mind.
Caught up, hooked on your line.
Viciously snared, trapped, confined.
Strapped to Love and whatever comes with it…
Joy, pain, grief, I accept with no regrets.
Give me no relief, I refuse to be released.
Ropes and chains calling my name;
keep me tied to you, twisted, combined, intertwined.
We do what we do, this is our lives…
The Love that binds, forever mine.
Synched together, melting,
Love dripping slowly to the ground.
All of me, all of you BOUND…

©️2020 Michael Lovett






Why do you hate me?
Is it because my skin is brown or black?
Carrying the weight of 400 years of psychological trauma like scars on my back.
Still trying to get over that.
But you keep bringing me back!
Why am I pleading for my life?
Gasping for air, bleeding from my nose.
Laying flat on my stomach.
The hard concrete doesn’t give.
My hands are cuffed behind my back.
Two of you holding me down
while my throat is pressed against the ground.
One with his knee on the back of my neck,
and one looking on as I die.
I’m loosing my mind because I CAN’T BREATHE, and I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!!
A tear drops as my eyes scream for mercy.
I wasn’t supposed to die today.
With disdain on your face,
and malice in your heart,
you applied pressure.
I stopped breathing.
Damn you murderers.
You never let up,
you kept applying pressure.
I felt like I was hanging from a tree.
Swinging, hands tied behind my back.
Rope tight around my neck unforgiving.
Eyes bulging,
tears flowing searching for mercy.
Choking to death,
until my lungs have no air left.
Lynching me on a public street.
Reminding me of how you used to do.
The way things used to be.
What did I ever do to you?
Tell me why you hate me.

Michael Lovett 2020







The time
i’ve spent
about you
has been
time well
I need
more time.

Michael Lovett 2020



Let’s go, You and I

Somewhere, anywhere, faraway

I want to take you to a place

foreign to You

Where dreams come true

A place where we dont speak

the language

Where the sunsets take your breath away,

and time doesn’t matter

So we drink and dance all night,

and make love until sunrise…

Michael Lovett 2020


Flaws & Scars

I got problems and flaws

Some that I’m living with

You got issues and scars

Ones that you’re dealing with

I’m working on myself diligently

Trying to fix me

You only want to trust again

Been hurt so much by your past

I want to break down your walls

You need to know my secrets

I love you with all of me

All of my ugly parts you accept

You crave my weathered hands

To touch your delicate flesh

Your tender kisses and whispers

Sooth my lonely soul

We are a beautiful wreck

A collision of imperfection

Filling your emptiness with peace

While you cry and I pray

Michael Lovett 2020






I See You

I see you
I cannot read your mind
Looking at you
My eyes never lie
Your body speaks with volume
I can see who you really are
You don’t have to say a word
When you are naked
Saying nothing loud
I see you

Michael Lovett

Mother’s Love

She was seventeen carrying me.
Giver of Love to a life unknown.
A young Queen with a gift from heaven.
Holding in her body a piece of the Creator.
God’s son …
I spent time thinking about the magnitudeof birth.
How a soul can take on flesh and be born on earth.
To be the vessel for something greater.
Weighing the heart of a mother.
How much pain they must bear,
the worry, the tears, the prayers.
No Love can compare.
Unconditional is the only way she Loves.
Undying, even after death it lives.
She dies so that you can live.
To personify who you are supposed to be.
Teaching with Love.
My mother, you were young.
It was just the two of us before I knew anything, or anyone.
You sacrificed your dreams so that my dreams were attainable.
You could see the light in my future even in my dark days.
So many times I fell and you picked me up along the way.
Thank you for never losing faith, and never giving up.
Even when I struggled in life, I strayed, I messed up.
You still remained the glue that held everything together.
The unbreakable bond between child and mother.
I Love you like, I love myself.
First born son, we grew together.
You Love me like you love no other, selfless.
Without you there would be no me.
You are my living history.
I am your Love Legacy.

Michael Lovett
May 10, 2020






This Place

What is this place we call home wrecked with calamity?
Humans laying waste to life and all naturalness.
Drilling for oil, incarcerating bodies,
cutting down trees and killing off man.
Death is nothing to stomach or fear now.
We experience pain and loss way too often.
What is life?
What is this place?
Cynical faces burdened and annoyed
by the lesser of the two …
one being the One Percent, and then You.
Enemies of your neighbor.
Depleting your future resources.
Our children’s minds are enslaved.
They never knew freedom.
We showed them images of wealth
with no clear directions.
Only Hoop Dreams, NFL Drafts, and The Voice.
America’s Got Talent, but we don’t have vision,
and we don’t have a voice.
Left with very little choices.
So they will keep building prisons
for the sons and daughters that make the wrong choices.
Cages for you deplorables to serve your
unforgivable sentences.
Debts imposed by Draconian Laws,
Oppressors, loosen your death hold.
Take your dirty boot off of freedom’s neck.
We come to repair what you have broken.
Enfranchise the people.
Make this place … a home.

Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Deceived by a failing Government,

waving red and blue flags like street gangs do,

We The People do not trust you.

You love your power and money more than you love your Country.

I despise you like you despise the truth.

Hiding behind lies and natural disasters,

pretending to have all the answers.

Overwhelmed with global health hazards.

We can’t breathe with so much evil in the air,

civilians being murdered by biological warfare.

No solutions, who is the blame?

We see your ugly faces, we know you by name.

Wizards and witches, wicked rulers of the land,

billionaires with the power to exercise change,

turning blind eyes to the mayhem …

rolling on the big wheels of capitalism.

Standing on the shoulders of the little people,

while living like greedy kings and czars.

Tell me how are we all created equal?

Make me believe in “One Nation Under God”,

“Justice and Liberty for All”.

Please make America great one day,

because I can’t remember when it ever was.

Please drain the swamp and expose these

self-preserving reptiles for the cold blooded

snakes they are.

Before we die for no reason …

unless we stand for a reason …