Your love is like an ocean swallowing me whole,
pulling me into its depths,
sinking into neverending darkness.
Losing control of myself and all of my breath.
Until my lungs are filled with all of you,
and all I see is blue fading to black.
With the weight of love on my back,
I descend, falling into a liquid abyss.
Closing my eyes as I remember the wetness of your kiss.
And as I go further, deeper, releasing myself,
the irony of drowning to death.
Your love is killing me softly, slowly, suffocating,
leading me to a watery grave.
Bound by thoughts of you, reaching for the light,
headed for the bottom, with no will to fight.
Unfathomable is your love, soundless.
An epitaph of erogenous wet dreams,
dying with you surrounding me.
And I go willingly, obliged by the numbness,
aroused by the danger of your obliviousness.
With good grace, earnestly I do choose love.
For your puissance has taken me to the
ocean’s floor.

#iletmypenspeak #poetssoul




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