Love In The City Of Lights

She was from the City of Lights,
what happens there stays there.
It was simply amazing, a beautiful situation.
We agreed to make it last forever,
so I placed my heart on the table.
Engaged in conversation,
making love verbally,
plans for her to be with me.
She told me about her dreams and trust issues,
intimate secrets buried away like treasures.
Said I was cut from a different cloth,
I unfolded myself and unraveled on her.
Spoke of truth so real into her ear.
Made her shiver, made it tickle good,
like Q-tips do when they go in deep.
We talk, and we laugh until we go to sleep,
then we both meet up in our dreams.
In my mind we can do anything,
in my arms she feels like everything.
Scorpio, got me smitten,
overwhelmed by the sting,
intoxicated by all of her flesh and soul.
Make me want to run away in the dark of morning.
To escape to secret locations,
and explore private places,
making true all the desires and expectations we created.
As it is, and how it was written,
as God is my witness.
I stole her heart like a thief in the night.
From the beginning I knew we would be together.
Heaven in my eyes, Love in the City of Lights…

©️Michael Lovett


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