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Mother’s Love

She was seventeen carrying me.Giver of Love to a life unknown. A young Queen with a gift from heaven.Holding in her body a piece of the Creator.God’s son …I spent time thinking about the magnitudeof birth.How a soul can take on flesh and be born on earth.To be the vessel for something greater.Weighing the heart […]

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This Place

What is this place we call home wrecked with calamity?Humans laying waste to life and all naturalness.Drilling for oil, incarcerating bodies,cutting down trees and killing off man.Death is nothing to stomach or fear now.We experience pain and loss way too often.What is life?What is this place?Cynical faces burdened and annoyedby the lesser of the two […]

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Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Deceived by a failing Government, waving red and blue flags like street gangs do, We The People do not trust you. You love your power and money more than you love your Country. I despise you like you despise the truth. Hiding behind lies and natural disasters, pretending to […]

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